Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pittsburgh Marathon Insights

This Sunday is the 21st running of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon! This isn't the consecutive year, as Mayor Murphy killed the marathon when he was playing chicken with the city's budget.

If you are driving around town, to chuch or after a night of whatever on the South Side, please watch out. Get where you want to go early or late.

The police officers on duty are extremely strict about not opening the roads, even for a vehicle to simply cross.

There will be five photographers on the course taking photos of the entertainment on the course. Four will be on bikes and the other on the media truck that leads the runners. If you do NOT want your photo taken, duck. These photos will be used on the race website, publicity materials, and other forms of marketing.

After the race, encourage your friends, family, and anyone else to head to to vote for the group with the best cheering. The groups chosen as the best will receive grants! Polls will likely be open for one week following the race.

There are six wheelchair Marathoners that will be participating. They move at a faster pace than runners so if you see these wheelers and then have a break before any runners pass through, don’t panic. They will be coming.

If you see something happen along the course. A runner trips, gets hurt, collapses, etc. Please do NOT comment on it. Only Race Director Patrice Matamoros and UPMC’s Dr. Roth are permitted to speak to the media about medical issues.
Pittsburgh Today Live interview: I’m just an intern but our Race Director has said if the course entertainment goes as well as it looks to be, I will become a full-time staff member after I graduate next week! So hopefully all goes well this Sunday!

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