Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'd be in favor of this if it was a big "D" on the back of his shirt.

Change the "L" to a "D" -- for Drunk. Then I'm fine with the ad.
Can ads put end to wild South Side behavior? Somebody affixed a big 'L,' for 'Loser,' to the back of his shirt.


Now I see the bent beer bottle ad and posted this to the Hogie's Facebook page:

Impotence isn't a bad thing as it beats the pants off of some of the alternatives: i.e., STDs and abortions and babies making babies.

This ad screams (and Bruce must sanction) that the South Side is a great place come (PUN) to drink and perform well in bed.

Impotence isn't the ill that the neighbors aim to curb. That isn't the thrust (PUN again) that should be delivered with the campaign.

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