Friday, April 16, 2010

Swimming Downhill

Swimming Downhill

Finis has a new blog. Nice.

But while there I saw the link to Brian Goodell's page.

This was when I got into swimming!

Brian Goodell: Gold Medal Winner from Rachel Pradhan on Vimeo.

Later, in 1980, I coached with a team in Boston, at Harvard, where Bobby Hackett swam, BGSC. I saw these guys swim a few times at NCAA Championships too.

Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh we fight the fight that says swimming is going downhill, as in a dying sport. Hardly. In the city schools, swimming isn't what it should be. But, in the other schools in the city, beyond PPS, and just outside the city, swimming is doing very well. Oakland Cathoic has a state championship swim team. It is in the city too!

If swimmers in the city swam downhill, then the sport of swimming would be going strong.

Link to Brian's site.

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