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Proc from City Council

This is a bit of a recap to our swimming season:

City Council Proclamation for the Schenley High School Boys Swimming Team of 2010

Jonah Raether
Ben Junker
Demitri Lardas
Lewis Pell
Nathaniel Rabuzzi
Mathew Lampl
Forrest Paul
Erik Rauterkus
Zack Goodall
Issac Foster-Friedman
James Melnyk
Christopher Thyberg
Martin Eddy Harvey
Daniel Meitzer
Jan Raether
Tobias Raether
Max Okabayaski
Lewis Thompson
Coach George Gasparovic
Coach Mark Rauterkus

Where as, The boys swim team won the City Championship Swim Meet held at the University of Pittsburgh's Trees Hall on March 6, 2010,

Where as, On the pre-meet heat sheet predicted a 10-point meet margin, but with a great team performance, the final outcome was 399 for Schenley, 319 for Allderdice, Brashear with 146 Perry with 43, Carrick with 39, City High with 22 and Langley with 21,

Where as, Allderdice had won every Championship Title in the past 10 years but in this year, 2010, the next to last ever for Schenley, their streak was broken by Schenley. This marks only the third city swim championship in Schenley's school history. Schenley's swim titles were earned in 2010, 1957 in 1950,

Where as, In dual meets, the boys of Schenley and Allderdice tied on January 14, 2010, in what was called the most exciting meet in the history of Pittsburgh Public Schools, and the team's swam again on Feburary 4, 2010, as Schenley beat Allderdice at the Dice pool by more than 20 points despite a snafu with the 500 free lap counting,

Where as, The team held AM swim practices every school day including days of meets,

Where as, Many of the team members and outside friends learned and played water polo in the summer and fall and many would compete against a team from New Jersey at IUP, North Allegheny at home and away at Chartiers Valley against teams from around the state.

Where as, The team work to improve with weights, cardio, and poolside with dry-land exercises.

Where as, The team improved upon swim techniques and did demanding training sets.

Where as, The team competed at Invitationals including at West Allegheny and swam extra meets against Central Catholic, Mt. Lebanon, and had others nixed due to snow.

Where as, The team lost more than a week of practice due to snow storms, yet stayed in shape with shoveling.

Where as, The girls swim team of Schenley got 2nd at the city championships, performed well at practices and meets and was a vital key to lifting every one's expectations throughout the season in a more co-ed program,

Where as, Swim coaches, George Gasparovic, Mark Rauterkus, and Athletic Director, Ken Sable, as well as principals Dr. Walters and Mrs. Facaros supported, cheered for and were proud for the team throughout its season,

Official City Council Cheers to the Champions and their performances:

Jonah Rather would drop from 1:11.04 to 1:09.10 in 100 backstroke, 4th place.

Ben Junker would drop 2:48.19 to 2:38.06 in 200 IM, 5th place.

Demitri Lardas cut from 1:16.05 to 1:09.81 in 100 free.

Mathew Lampl dropped from a 33.50 to a 31.75 in the 50.

Erik Rauterkus, freshmen, won 4 gold medals at City Champs and swam in the PIAA Championships at Bucknell in the 200 and 500 free. Final times 1:51.83 and 5:08.14.

Zack Goodall got 4th in 100 fly dropping from 1:11.54 to 1:10.72

Tobias Raether got gold in the medley, 2 silvers, (2nd in free relay and 1:07.05 1:06.04 in the back) and 3rd in 100 free dropping from 1:00.83 to 56.63.

Max Okabayaski got 8th in the 100 breast dropping from 1:35.04 to 1:27.43 and 3rd in the fly, moving from 1:10.04 to 1:05.45.

Lewis Pell would drop from 3:01.90 to 2:47.29 in 200 IM, 6th place, and same in the 100 fly, dropping from 1:15.09 to 1:13.12.

Lewis Thompson got 5th in the 100 breast, dropping from 1:28.56 to 1:22.78.

Nathaniel Rabuzzi got 4 medals, 3 gold, and went 5:41.09 to 5:33.05 in the 500 and 2:03.92 to 1:59.46 in the 200 free.

Forrest Paul got 4th in 100 breast with a 1:21.93 and silver in a relay.

Issac Foster-Friedman would shave his head and have a key role with the team's data collection and make great strides in his first competitive season as a swimmer.

Martin Eddy Harvey would get 5th in the 200 free dropping from 2:28.80 to 2:18.33.

Daniel Meitzer dropped in the 200 free from 2:51.03 2:39.18.

Christopher Thyberg would win some key races in dual meets and got 2nd in the 50 free dropping from 25.70 to 25.13 and dropping in the 100 free from 59.08 to 57.47.

Jan Raether got 2 golds in relays with the free relay dropping from 3:46.03 to 3:41.72 and the medley cutting from 1:56.76 to 1:52.92.

James Melnyk won 2 golds on relays, and went from 2:25.26 to 2:21.13 in the 200 IM and made a lifetime best in the 100 fly, getting 1st, dropping from 1:01.31 to 59.43.

Girls Team

Wendy Levenson was a dual meet swimmer in breastroke and did a 1:26.93 at the Dice Invite.

Nicole Martellotti swam free in the medley relay, 2nd place, (30.78)

Renee Eddy Harvey swam two top 10 finishes: the 50 free drop from 30.34 to 29.99 and 100 fly dropped from 1:29.29 to 1:27.90 and silver in the 200 free relay.

Rina Matsuda 200 IM from 3:05.90 to 3:04.47 100 breast 1:42.81 to 1:38.35.

Hannah Green 6th in 50 free, from 31.55 to 29.94, and 6th in 100 free from 1:11.62 to 1:07.64. Lead off in the 2nd place 200 free, 29.86.

Hannah Moritz swam back from 1:33.57 to 1:32.79.

Annie Widom swam in the 400 free relay, 2nd place, and did a 1:06.56 split. 4th in 200 IM from 2:50.88 to 2:46.72 and 5th in 100 fly.

Elizabeth Ekstrand 200 free from 2:55.40 to 2:47.65 and dropped from 7:57.30 to 7:41.91 in the 500 free.

Angela Perfetti was out of town at city championships. She was the most impressive water polo player on the girls squad this fall in the preseason.

Tessa Mastalski swam 200 free and dropped from 3:05.06 to 2:54.35. and swam 100 free and went from 1:16.80 to 1:12.94.

Ashley Manning heled with data collection and swam in dual meets.

Rachel Jackovic swam 1:32.12 at city in the 100 breast.

Alex Davis, 2nd in medley relay, 100 free got 4th with a drop from 1:03.20 to 1:02.67, 34d in 100 back with a drop of 1:12.90 to 1:10.26 and 2nd in 400 free relay.

Emily Melnyk 3rd in 100 breast, 1:23.62 to 1:18.32. 4th in 50 free from 29.98 to 28.01, 2nd in 400 free relay (split 1:08) and 2nd in medley relay (breast split = 34.81).

Sohia Klancher swim backstroke in time of 1:48.35.

Brittany Manning got 5th in 200 IM dropping from 3:11.11 to 2:56.37 and 5th in 100 free, dropping from 1:09.09 to 1:07.44. 2nd in 200 free relay.

Nisha Lipowcan swam to 6th place in 200 free and dropped from 2:53.00 to 2:41.30. Also, 6th in 500 free with a drop of 7:58.58 to 7:31.40.

Nicole Grabowski fly in medley, (31.39), 2nd, 3rd in 100 fly, 1:12.35, and 2nd in 100 back dropping from 1:12.80 to 1:08.79. Anchor in 400 free relay, 1:05.66, 2nd.

Zena Lapp 5th in 200 free, dropping from 2:44.87 to 2:40.29. and 5th in 500 free going from 7:29.72 to 7:13.90.

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