Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Road Trip Invite: Who wants to go to Budapest, present and speak English?

OOoCon 2010 Call for Papers

The OpenOffice.org Community Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary!

This year's meeting will be held in one of Europe's most beautiful cities, Budapest, Hungary, from August 31st - September 3rd, 2010. We hope you will join us in our celebration and conference!

Whether you are a dedicated developer, a contributor of any measure, or just interested in the Project and its technology, such as the OpenDocument Format (ODF), we want to hear from you. Please note the conference language is English, and all presentations must be delivered in that language.

We particularly welcome proposals from developers and other contributors with information to share with their fellows, from how to get started with simple extensions, through to the deep, dirty, and downright fun aspects of hacking the OpenOffice.org codebase. We urge creative, ambitious ideas. This is the place for those!

Papers are also welcomed on any topic of interest to the Community: to the thousands of people who have joined one of our projects and design, develop, maintain, translate, test, document, support, promote, or in any other way help us bring OpenOffice.org's products and services to the world. We especially encourage local communities to submit papers for a special feature on local success stories.

Submit your paper at http://www.ooocon.org/
We look forward to seeing you at our 10th anniversary conference to celebrate our achievements and show the world what we offer in his next decade.
If you don't use OpenOffice.org software, shame on you. Go get it now. http://www.openoffice.org/. It can take the place of PowerPoint and Word and Excel and even has a database!

If you want to go South of the Border, check out this event.

The deadline to submit papers and posters to the 4th International Conference on Concept Mapping has been extended to Wednesday May 19. Because of the earthquake in Chile, universities and schools in the country have started late their school year. This has resulted in that colleagues in Chile have requested more time to prepare and submit their papers. We are extending the deadline for paper submission until May 19, and making the extension available to everybody. We hope this will result in a larger participation from the Chilean (and international) Cmappers community.

We look forward to seeing you in Viña del Mar in October / Esperamos verle en Viña del Mar en Octubre.

CMC 2010 Organizing Committee / Comité Organizador

http://cmc.ihmc.us email: cmc2010@ihmc.us

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