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Subject: LibertarianList Returns

LibertarianLists is Back! We have a new website that is finally taking
shape and we will be gaining new features in days to come. Though we
are registered on "white lists" it is always a good idea to recognize
our emails as such in your email client.

For our inaugural allert, we would like to discuss a campaign shaping
up down in Texas.

Tip O'Neill once said that "all politics is local."

Let's look at an example: Everyone knows the 14th Congressional
District of Texas - Ron Paul's district. Are you aware that many
high ranking GOP members within this district actually work against
Dr. Paul? While Dr. Paul carries a message of liberty to not only his
constituents, but to the whole nation, there are those who would
prefer that this icon of freedom was silenced. Indeed, a portion of
his district hosts many within the neoconservative ranks. They control
virtually every portion of government except for Dr. Paul's seat. In
doing so, they utilize tax dollars as a revenue basis to fund his
opponents time and time again.

These 'neoconservatives' are absolutely opposed to free markets and
competition. They establish political "machines" which serve to
insure their interests are served in government above all others and
at the expense of the taxpayers. They obtain government "no bid"
contracts, receive special tax breaks and use their ill-gotten gains
to perpetuate ever more oppressive burdens on the communities they
afflict. Perhaps calling them corporatists, crony capitalists or
corporate welfare queens would be more fitting.

So if the 'local' folks are working against someone like Dr. Paul, how
can anyone else outside of that area try to make a difference and

There is hope.

Former Texas LP Vice-Chairman Kevin Tunstall has battled these same
forces for years. Running for City Council in Missouri City
(population 70000) in 2007, Tunstall garnered 46% of the vote on a
very modest budget, despite an opponent who received significant
financial backing from these nefarious political interests.

During his campaign, he discovered many activities by the local
government that were deemed illegal by the state, but carried no
enforcement provisions or criminal penalties. Additionally, he
uncovered a cottage industry of lawyers and property managers
contracted with certain neighborhood associations whose purpose was to
prey on elderly homeowners by initiating foreclosures for trivial
purposes. Even when homeowners decided against such practices and
voted out their association boards, they fall victim to the very same
lawyers who then support the board members who refuse to vacate their
positions upon removal. This is of course illegal, but again there is
no enforcement of the law.

We've been informed that Tunstall is running once more. At the
urging of two sitting council persons and a former council
representative, he has tossed his hat into the ring and caused a stir.

When we spoke with Tunstall, he stated: "Missouri City is a
"closed" city for general development. There is a monopoly of
developers and vendors who receive all permits and outsiders are not
welcome. This cartel of businesses then drain the government coffers
by obtaining all of the contracts outside of the bidding process and
virtually all of the contracts available for bidding while inflating
the costs of projects. They will then fund their candidates,
regardless of whether they are Democrat or Republican, who will help
protect their monopoly. It is a 'pay to play' system."

"Whenever we see a grass-roots movement to unseat or defeat one of the
vendor network candidates, the political operatives crawl out of the
shadows and begin denigrating and marginalizing the concerns of
sincere and honest citizens while they attempt to destroy the
candidates who promote open and honest government."

What is the strategy?

"How does this affect the Liberty Movement, Kevin? Why should folks
from around the country help your local campaign?" we asked. Tunstall
replied "We all have to focus on one city at a time. One race at a
time. You can choose where to give your pro-liberty support, and
hopefully you'll spend them locally, at the town and city levels, if
there is a worthwhile race there. But what if there isn't? Where
should you give then?"

Being specific, he added "Missouri City has a 5 to 2 split on the
council right now. Should we be successful , we will
have a majority and the city will be lost to the cartel. We can then
refocus our efforts on Sugar Land, Richmond and Rosenberg, and
continue our campaign to rid our government institutions from those
who oppose the interests of the taxpayers, and stop them from spending
our money against our interests."

"We need successful races. We must start at the local level and work
our way up to the county, state and national levels. As we build a
cadre of representatives who promote our interests, we will be force
to be reckoned with" he concluded.

It sounds pretty ambitious until you realize that the liberty
candidates running in the Missouri City race not only look viable, but
the Mayoral challenger is currently a sitting council person. Kevin's
picked a race that he can win and he isn't running a paper candidacy
like so many other races that ask for your funds. Considering that
Tunstall has not only lead a good race in the past, he's served the LP
at the county and state levels, and managed other high-profile
campaigns, we believe he knows what he is talking about here.

We can think of no better candidate to lead our efforts to revitalize
the Libertarian List. Our primary goal: reach pro-liberty folks all
over, and ask them to help where and when it really counts, where
their dollars might make a real difference this time. We know it's
tight all over, but if everyone who gets this email gave just a few
dollars, Kevin's campaign chest will be filled and ready for action.

We know his opponents are funded by the very people who oppose Dr.
Paul. Let us show them that we too, the Pro-Liberty forces can mount
viable campaigns.

We ask that you give, and give generously, to Tunstall's campaign
efforts. Click the link below and let's get this guy elected and get
that ball rolling.

Additionally, forward this email and get every liberty minded person
you know to sign up for Libertarian Lists. As we grow, so does the
power of our message.

As an added bonus, The "Liberty Campaign for Texas PAC" has just
endorsed Tunstall. If you contribute as a result of this email,
Liberty Campaign for Texas PAC will match your contribution. This is
an exciting way to bring local (Texas) dollars into play while
assisting a high profile, pro-liberty candidate.

Donate to the Tunstall Campaign at

If you wish to leave our list, we understand, and we'll be sorry to
see you go.

Best Regards,

Seth Cohn


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