Thursday, April 08, 2010

Here is an update to the Census

Respected City Residents and Community Members;

Although the City’s numbers are up; our projected returned census questionnaires are still below the National, State and County rates. As of this morning, the census response rates are as follows:

National returned rate is - 63%

State – 68%

County – 69%; and the

City at 61%. (The City of Pittsburgh’s return rate for Yr 2000 was at 69%)

You can continue to monitor the census returned rate progress at the web-site link provided below:

By April 10, 2010, USPS will deliver 2010 Census replacement questionnaires to those who have not returned their forms. As the City, we are nearing the end of that final push and that we need to strategically position ourselves; in reiterating the importance of completing the census forms and why this is important for the City. Please also refer to the attached flier on how you assist with this initiative.
Relatively low response rates are noted in the identified neighborhoods; and again if we could all work together in targeting these neighborhoods, it would be much appreciated. The identified neighborhoods are as follows:

- Arlington- Northside - Perrysville Avenue- Homewood North- Hill District- East Liberty- Hazelwood
4. This is our one last push in ascertaining that everyone is counted. Your time and attention to this matter is greatly appreciated

Noor Ismail, AICPDirector of City Planning, City of Pittsburgh

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