Monday, April 05, 2010

Police asked to look at questionable petitions

Police asked to look at questionable petitions The Allegheny County Elections Division has referred to police questions about ballot petitions circulated on behalf of state Rep. Jake Wheatley.
The referral by Elections Division Manager Mark Wolosik comes after Democratic primary challenger Tonya Payne alleged forgeries on petitions circulated for Mr. Wheatley by city Councilman R. Daniel Lavelle, of the Hill District.
Ms. Payne wrote to Mr. Wolosik calling for an investigation, as did Carla Duncan, a Hill District resident whose name appears on the petitions, and who said she never signed them. The Post-Gazette contacted several other people whose names appeared on the petitions, and some of them, too, claimed they had not signed.
'We referred it to the county police,' said Mr. Wolosik, who has no investigators on his staff. Neither police nor Mr. Wheatley could be immediately reached for comment.
This is why we need "NONE OF THE ABOVE" as an option on every ballot in the city and county -- if not the state too.

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