Saturday, April 03, 2010

Polling and school leadership in Rocheser, NY

Okay to publish as letter to editor.

Mayor control of the public schools does not happen with board appointments by the mayor. A board still has the policy role. That board still gives the mayor cover. If the mayor wants to control schools, ask about all the past policy suggestions already offered. Pressure and especially solution suggestions are never silenced even from "outsiders."

To be a real school leader then resign as mayor and get hired as superintendent. Or, win a seat on the elected school board by being voted into that position.

Our democracy is fragile. We need more voting and less hand picked authority appointments without accountability.

And the bickering about the polling is trash. Real polling in the USA happens at the ballot box. Do a couple of non-binding referendums on the next election day.

The mayor could put questions to the voters if he really cared about teaching a civics lesson.

Mark Rauterkus
Rochester visitor from Pittsburgh.

412 298 3432

PS. We enjoyed the Webster Aquatic Center and all the locals.
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