Friday, April 09, 2010

Title IX audit report - chatter from Pure Reform blog

Title IX audit report

One of my comments in a thread there:

Ther is no talk in the Title IX audit about the new PPS theme schools that I'm aware of.

The sooner that the audit is just a distant dot in the rear view mirror in our discussions the better. The sooner the audit consultant is a distant memory the better as well.

We need to look forward, not backward.

We need to make progress with those here now, not with some template issued audit advice that makes for more exposure than anything that hints of a single solution.

The audit dodged the hard questions fully.

The audit was a sink and a delay ploy. If it lingers, we sustain the sinking.

Lay the shovel down.

Now let's demand progress and let's talk about what really needs to occur.

To publicly spank booster groups that are NOT even created yet is to say sports are hard work so let's not even have them.

What about the 6-12 school sports? Great question. Let's talk. But above all, let's not go to the audit for solid answers to pressing questions as we won't find meaningful insights there.

The audit is more like a jolt of caffine needed to get us (PPS Administration) going after a long, deep slumber.

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