Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A dog day afternoon at Dormont Pool

Here we go again. More coverage and buzz about how we treat our animals than how we treat our own kids.

A dog day afternoon at Dormont Pool: "A dog day afternoon at Dormont Pool"
Fish and sharks at the Pgh Zoo and Aquarium has a much nicer pool to swim in than the swimmers. I frown that they build a multi-million dollar facility for them to swim in -- and we still have a broken down capital campaign for aquatic facilities for humans.

Sure, they are going to put in an 8 lane pool at Bethal Park H.S. Mt. Lebo gets a remake of its outdoor pool. The leaks and threat of being closed has passed for Dormont itself. Some gains have been made. Pine Richland might get something grand to make waves about?

Meanwhile, the Downtown YMCA pool, now owned by Point Park is going to be a food court. The swim pool at South Vo Tech is filled with cement. The Schenley High School pool is with mothballs.

The new spray parks being built by Citiparks are also fine for dogs and pets -- but hardly for teaching swimming for kids. So, they do not show up as any gain in my book.

Sandcastle was nice yesterday.

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