Monday, September 20, 2010

South Side Meeting on Monday the 27th from 6 to 8 pm about Armstrong Park

From Aaron Sukenik Business Development Manager
Amstrong Park/Esser Plaza Public Meeting - Monday, September 27 @ 6-8 PM

South Side Community Leaders,

I would really appreciate any circulating and forwarding of this Public Meeting Announcement that you are willing to give.

Armstrong Park and Esser Plaza (between 12th & 13th Streets, and Sarah & E. Carson Streets) are great assets to our neighborhood. However….. Do you think that these open spaces are being put to the best and highest uses?

Are there certain elements of these open spaces that you particularly enjoy or dislike?

Would you prefer other uses and amenities at this site?

Please join us for the first community meeting on Monday, September 27 @ 6 PM, at the South Side Market House (1200 Bingham St., at Bedford Square) to discuss Armstrong Park and Esser Plaza as it is, and what it can be. This will be the first community meeting that will seek to guide designs and plans for future capital improvements to the site. The meeting will include discussion of:

Overall Project Purpose
General Neighborhood Demographics
Armstrong Park
Esser Plaza and E. Carson St. Alley Existing Conditions
Initial Opportunities and Challenges
Vision (Playground versus Park versus Commons)
Park Amenity
Brain Storming Session.

What could be in the Park.

What should not be in the Park

This is your public space – Your input will help craft the roadmap that will seek to guide future investments in Armstrong Park and Esser Plaza.


We live at 12th Street and use this park on most days. The Park is way better without the dogs there. The dogs had gotten out of hand in the past years, but in recent months, this has changed for the better.

Pigeons. We want pigeon feeding more than dogs. Like kids, they fly away in time. (I'm joking.)

The new dog park, at a hefty price, is being built at river Park. That will be a great use of space there. That will be a fantastic opportunity for the dog owners. That uses some space that was nearly a Hoover-ville just last year.

Perhaps we'll see you at the meeting.

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