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Contact: Len Young
652 Cooper Rd
Monroeville, PA 15146

Special Election gets 3rd party candidate

9/20/10 Monroeville, PA-
Len Young is ready to challenge the status quo. “It is time for government to again
be accountable to the people,” said Len Young, Libertarian backed candidate for the 45th District Senatorial special election. “The voters deserve a representative who is not tied to special interest or partisan politics”.

Young, a long time Monroeville resident, will expose waste and redundancy in Harrisburg, battling to balance the budget with a common sense approach. This will be only the first step to tackle the growing tax burden on hard working citizens and small business.

Young is the owner/operator of Len’s Landscaping, and has had 12 successful years as a small business owner. “To be a success in business, you must balance costs, the customers wants and his budget”, says Young, “This simple principal has been forgotten by the politicians in Harrisburg”.

Young will drive to reduce government interference with the free market. By simplifying and correcting onerous regulations consumers will benefit from lower prices and jobs created by expanding businesses.

Young also serves on the Monroeville Board of Parks and Recreation. He will take this experience with him to work on balancing the needs of business and protecting the environment.

Young is no stranger to fighting for personal liberties and rights. As a member of ABATE and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, he has spent many days in Harrisburg and Washington. His meeting with representatives led to freedom of choice for all riders. Young has served as President of his ABATE chapter and now is treasurer.

It’s time for common sense and accountability in the 45th District. It’s Time for Len Young.

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