Saturday, September 04, 2010

Pittsburgh Public School Football -- week 1 action

So, Langley won, and the others from the city that played, lost. Langley won, 8-0 over Carlynton Cougars, former home to Bill Cowher.

Allderdice lost to Central Valley High School with a score of 35 to nil.

Brasher lost to Knock, at Cupples, 56-7.

Carrick, lost 40-0 to Catholic school, Seton-LaSalle.

Oliver, City League's defending runner-ups, lost to Shady Side Academy, 35-0.

Perry went to its savage neighbors, North Hills, and lost 28-7. (Indian joke)

Schenley, City League's defending champions, went to the beautiful suburb of Butler, Herman, Pa, home of Summit Academy, a 'reform school of sorts,' and lost 34-8. Summit Academy is at the site of a former school of mine, St. Fidelis. This game was played on Saturday afternoon.

Peabody did not play a game but had practice today on the field next to the school. Westinghouse didn't play a game this weekend either. Both Peabody and Westinghouse are closing after this year. Well, Westinghouse might have a team next year but it will be grade 6 to 12, single gender academy Westinghouse.

Go Mustangs! (Hint: The Mustangs are from Langley.)

Two of the games (Allderdice and Perry) were part of the recent Fedko football coverage. Both highlight clips had big plays with the city teams fumbling.

You do the math.

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Pierre R. Wheaton said...

Peabody did play a game. They traveled to Lancaster to play McCaskey High School on Saturday. They lost 47-0.