Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tiger Water Polo invites its players to the NA water polo tournament

This coming weekend, Friday and Saturday, North Allegheny will be hosting the Tiger Classic. This is a high school water polo tournament featuring our NA boys and girls teams and a host of other high school teams from across the state of Pennsylvania. I spoke to the kids about it at practice yesterday. If your schedule permits, it would be great for you and your young athletes to come see water polo played at a very fast and high level. It’s a nice way too for the kids to picture themselves several years down the road, perhaps playing high school water polo. We tend to get good attendance from the Tiger Water Polo kids and they often group together to watch the games. It’s a lot of fun. In addition, seeing water polo at this level is a great learning experience for the kids.

There will be more details to come this week. Hope you can make it. I’ll send out the schedule of NA’s games when I get it this week.

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