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Fw: Reminder: Danielle Miraglia in Friendship September 19

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Check out this Virtual Flyer Danielle made for our concert

Friendship House Concerts is proud to present

Danielle Miraglia

Sunday, September 19

4:00 PM

A strong steady thumb on an old Gibson guitar is the driving force
behind Danielle Miraglia's delta blues influenced guitar style. Add a
raw, powerful, whiskey tinged voice and one might be tempted to label
her a blues artist. But while Miraglia's style pays homage to these
blues traditions, her classic rock verve, catchy melodies and eclectic
array of song subjects that range from deeply personal to socially
relevant give it an original twist that is all her own. A fresh sound
along with a sharp wit and a captivating stage presence is gaining her
fans all over the map. "A heart-on-sleeve storyteller with an innate
sense for melody, her voice bends and sinks and floats in all the
right places, with a raspy, whiskey bottle scrape most reminiscent of
Lucinda Williams." - Dissolver Magazine

Her songs range from heartfelt as in "Moment by Moment" a gospel-like
promise to live in the present, to thought-provoking as in "You Don't
Know Nothin'" which Jon Sobel of describes as "One of
the best new folk songs I've heard in years. Its depiction and
dissection of human misunderstanding is both sharp and tender. All you
need to know about what drives people apart and what draws them
together can be witnessed in a few hours spent in a bar. Many of us
feel something along those lines, but Danielle Miraglia is that rare
songwriter who can put it into words."

The continually growing fan-base and attention she has received in a
short time is a clear testament to her talent and growth as a writer
and performer. With poignant themes that get under the listener's
skin, she leaves music fans and critics alike yearning for more.

Check out Danielle & her music at:

Seating is limited. For information and/or an invitation, call or email:
LLouise & Jim Altes

Suggested donation: $10.00. All proceeds go to the performer.
After the concert, there will be a pot luck dinner. Please bring an
entree, an hors d'oeuvre, a salad, a side dish, or dessert to share.

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