Thursday, September 16, 2010

A friend takes her last breath. Others cry out in vain

Morners lower their heads.

The Civic Arena is headed for demolition.
The city-Allegheny County Sports & Exhibition Authority voted unanimously this morning to proceed with steps necessary to raze the 49-year-old landmark to make way for a Penguins-led redevelopment.

The decision came despite last-ditch pleas by preservationists, led by the group Reuse the Igloo, to save the old building.

The vote occurred without any discussion from board members, prompting shouts of "Gestapo" from one member of the audience.

Mary Conturo, SEA executive director, said the agency now will start removing asbestos from the building and prepare bids for demolition, which could be ready by February.

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Wayne Fontana gets a new nick-name, Gestapo.

Perhaps he thought that it was time for lunch and instead of saying, "It's soup" -- they meant to say, "Gazpacho soup." That's why they were in such a rush to vote and get out of the meeting.

Of a side interest, putting a quote in the paper without attribution is hardly what I'd call good journalism. By the way, I wasn't there.

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