Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Eagle: Around the World to Korea

Written by Anna Vitti
This August, Erik Rauterkus, Tobias Raether and C.J.Abenes took a memorable trip across the globe to Korea for two weeks with a program called C.I.E.F. The U.S. students stayed on the Yonsei University campus. The trip entailed the introduction of Korean culture to a number of United States students. When asked why they wanted to go in the first place, Erik noted that he really wanted the cultural experience and went to “broaden my horizons.” The students all found out about the program in different ways. Tobias’ mother was a local coordinator of the program. C.J. found an ad on the internet and checked it out. Tobias pointed to the fun of being in Korea with a group of fellow American students really liked visiting Seoul and experiencing the city."

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