Sunday, November 07, 2010

City schools seeking input on athletics

City schools seeking input on athletics

PPS has been in the a mode that seems to only try to "manage decline."

If sports are dropped, the decline would accelerate, for sure.

If sports reform brings less hope in terms of competitive balance, then the decline will continue too.

The outward migration needs to turn around -- and with sports (and all afterschool activities), IMNSHO, there is an opportunity to stop the decline and loss of student population.

Of course, its sports as well as INTRAMURALS, EXTRA-MURALS, and music, etc. that needs to be a part of the mix for the opportunities for the students, from HS on down to the wee ones.

If PPS cuts sports, the district would die quickly.

If PPS does sports reform poorly, the district dies.

If sports reform is done well, with that complete overhaul, with the Citiparks cooperation, with the volunteers energized, with the coaches hired by talent/skills and big accountability elements -- then PPS can begin to build spirit and rebound in many ways.

Frankly, playing with our kids is not that expensive.

City kids and their school sports teams can compete with the WPIAL schools if competitive balance is understood and implemented. Fifty other things have to happen too, but landing the programs in the right classifications is MANDATORY and should be a prime discussion point.

WESTINGHOUSE, for example, can play against SINGLE A teams in the WPIAL. Same too with LANGLEY. Likewise, Obama/Schenley's girls volleyball squad can play in AA in the WPIAL -- if there is NO "Coop".

But it all goes down the drain when they combine ("coop") the sports teams so athletes from 1 or 2 or even 3 schools are bussed into another schools for sports participation. Those teams are then playing against the 'big boys' of the WPIAL (NA, PH, WH, BP, USC, etc.) Then we'll have hooey multiple times every week until everyone quits.

Hope to see you all on Monday, November 9, 2010, at 6 pm at Oliver High School.

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