Monday, November 15, 2010

Invite: Proclamation for Family Engagement week in PPS

Sent by Mark Connor, and I expect to be there too.
Please join me at 10:00 tomorrow morning, Tuesday, November 16th at City Council chambers on the 5th floor of the City-County building to receive a proclamation from city council on the importance of Family Involvement on our district.

All families are wanted and needed to represent importance of what parents bring to the education of our own children and demonstrate how important community is in this work as well.

Please come and STANDUP for families, meet us at 9:45 outside of chambers.

Family and Community School Involvement Week

November 15-20, 2010

Whereas; Family and community engagement is a key goal for the District;

Whereas; Family and community involvement is critical to the success of our students and schools

Whereas; Families and communities are an essential part of a student’s Pathway to The Promise; helping students nurture dreams and ambitions and ensuring that all students develop the habits and behaviors that lead to success in school and in life

Whereas; The 17th Annual National Parental Involvement Day is on Thursday November 18, 2010.

Whereas, To celebrate this occasion and to raise the profile of the importance of family and community involvement, Pittsburgh Public Schools will host a week of events and activities spotlighting the importance of family and community engagement November 15-20, 2010.

Whereas, the District’s final Pathways to the Promise Night family event is on November 17 at Pittsburgh Milliones 6-12;

Whereas, an Excellence for All parents steering committee meeting featuring Superintendent Mark Roosevelt is on November 18 at Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy;

Whereas, on November 18 the University of Pittsburgh, Africana Studies Department will host the next Dame-Dame series monthly meeting highlighting an outstanding school educator at the University of Pittsburgh’s Langley Hall; and

Whereas, on November 20 the Hill District Education Council will host its Fall 2010 Education Conference titled “Connecting on Education Justice”.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, Pittsburgh City Council officially proclaims November 15-20, 2010 as “Family and Community School Involvement Week” in the city of Pittsburgh at its Tuesday, November 16 Legislative Session.

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