Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shooting and melee disrupt festivities

Shooting and melee disrupt festivities

"You have a large number of people coming Downtown, trying to have a good time and enjoy the festivities. And then you have some people who just don't know how to act and they cause the trouble."

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Here is the bottom line: Some people don't know how to act. I agree.

So, what do you do? I say a plan should be in place to TEACH people how to act. Put people, mostly kids, into high pressure situations and give them great leadership. Give them opportunities to practice how to act. Teach. Instruct. Coach. Then, when they are elsewhere, out of the schools, out on the weekends, out on their own, they'll have the understanding, the grounding, the philosophy and the experiences of acting in a friendly, caring, sporting and strong way.

When you walk through metal detectors at the gates of the schools, as well as the football games -- feel safe for an hour or two. When you are split with one crowd sitting on one side of the stadium and the other side over there, apart, isolated, buffered, patrolled, -- that safe feeling lasts until you get to the bus stop or go to the parking lot.

People are going to act with a mentality of being in a street gang or being in a community. Both are learned. Both have to be tested in real life settings.

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