Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pittsburgh Public Schools -- THIS SUCKS!

Pittsburgh Public Schools shuffles reconfiguration plan - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pittsburgh Public Schools is proposing two changes in its plans to reconfigure schools in the East End.

Administrators asked the school board Tuesday to make the single-gender academies at Westinghouse High School a magnet program open to all district students and move the Obama 6-12 International Baccalaureate program a year early to Peabody High School, which closes at the end of this school year. The program wasn't to move from Reizenstein until 2012-13.

The district could postpone an early college program at Oliver High School until 2012-13 because of ongoing community discussions about changes to North Side school configurations. The board is expected to vote on the plans later this month.

No way.

Pgh Obama is to stay at Reizenstein for the rest of this year (2010-2011) and for next year (2011-2012). Then the move to Peabody should occur for the start of the school year in September 2012.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Walters,

When the current 11th graders at Obama were made to stay at Frick for their 9th grade year, a number of promises were made to them by the PPS district. From renovation designs to classroom amenities, most of them never materialized. But the one major promise that was made to these students was that they would only have to make one move in the course of the district's reform plan (to Reizenstein) during their high school years.

Well it appears from the story reported in today's Trib that that was yet another promise broken to these kids, as plans are now to move the student's to the Peabody structure next school year, instead of the 2012-13 school year!:

Well I am going to now make a promise. I PROMISE you and the school district (Dr Walters you know I keep my promises) if this occurs, this promise is broken and they plan on making the move to the Peabody structure next year, when once again just like Frick and the Reizenstein buildings weren't completed according to promises, the Peabody structure also won't be complete and ready as it should for these students, for a school of this caliber and for the "promises" previously made, I will make this issue my final stand as a PPS parent and it will make the Schenley uproar look like a whisper. That I promise!

I have been strongly supportive of the Supt and the district's reform, even when I haven't agreed with all aspects of it (e.g. - Schenley's closure), I stayed quiet and supportive knowing that change was necessary. But this time it's personal, it's another "promise made-promise broken".....this is the final straw.

I hope to hear back from someone regarding this matter, because I will not wait to hear "a committee response" or a "finding from a study", before I start organizing!

John Tokarski

Questioner said...

Dr. Walters may not be the one to address on this, though- he does not seem to have any real say in where the school goes and seemed pretty neutral even on the ultimate location of the program.

Re: Schenley- that change did not have to be made.

Sounds like a rush to cement things before a new superintendent comes in and provides a fresh evaluation of the situation.