Friday, November 12, 2010

Home Run with coaching hire

South Park hires parents' choice for baseball coach
Friday, November 12, 2010 By Sarah Steimer

The South Park school board voted Thursday evening to hire Steve Bucci as its high school baseball coach.

Last month the board had scheduled a motion to approve Rick Bubash as coach, but parents attending the meeting asked the board to reconsider Mr. Bucci's application.

Mr. Bucci's hiring is contingent upon his submission of a letter of resignation to Bethel Park School District, where he is currently the high school's baseball coach. The South Park school board will negate its offer if Mr. Bucci fails to resign.

Mr. Bucci's current position at Bethel Park came under debate when the district's teachers union filed a grievance over his hiring. Under the union's policy, a teacher in the district gets privilege for a coaching position. An arbitrator ruled in favor of the union; however, the school district is appealing the decision. South Park board members were concerned that if they hired Mr. Bucci, he would return to Bethel Park if the court ruled in his favor.
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