Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Councilman protests South Side patrol cancellation

Councilman protests South Side patrol cancellation

Pittsburgh City Councilman Bruce Kraus today sent a letter to Mayor Luke Ravenstahl complaining about the abrupt cancellation of special police details last week in the South Side entertainment district.

The city had saturated the neighborhood with police on recent weekends amid complaints from Mr. Kraus and residents about illegal parking, public urination and other problems connected with weekend revelers.

Mr. Kraus said he was pleased with the progress being made and stunned when the city canceled the operation with little explanation last weekend. Even stranger, he said, the cancellation was announced just hours after the city said the special patrols would continue.

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I think I did a post on this latest folly from Bruce. KDKA Radio was reporting that the sweeps were nixed after Bruce went to the mayor's office and had a melt down that began with some conversation about the loan that was promised but not delivered to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

Last night the police were in the South Side, in force, giving out tickets to those who ran the red light at 10th Street and East Carson Street. There were nearly a dozen motorcycle police and when I walked past -- three were giving out tickets a couple blocks away and another batch were on their motorcycles ready to swoop as any driver pushed the yellow light into red and dared to pass through the intersection.

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Anonymous said...

Some cops at 10th & Carson at the intersection, which is where they usually are, is not continued enforcement.

The saturation patrols were very successful and welcomed. They will be missed. Attack the Mayor for canceling instead of attacking Kraus.