Monday, May 09, 2011

Come Live Over Here - Moving to Pittsburgh

A woman on Linked In posted:
I will be moving closer to Pittsburgh with my son. Need neighborhood advice.

I would like to know which areas of the city is quiet, inexpensive, and low crime rate. Could anyone in the group give me advice?
A nice discussion unfolds.

Some highlights:

Ed wrote: I just moved to Pittsburgh last July. I have 2 sons that are 15 and 13.
We moved into the Avonworth School district which is a hightly rated, small Class A school in the North Hills. My kids adapted great and made good friends right away.
There are several areas to live with a wide range of home prices so I am sure you could find something either in Ohio Township, Emsworth, Ben Avon or Sewickley.
Steeler Chris Hoke and Penquins Coach Dan Blysma both have kids attending
the in the Avonworth School District. I highly recommend it!
Summary: Making friends is important, as are sporting families in the neighborhood. And my take: Sports is a way to make friends. Plus, being in a highly rated yet smaller school is prime. Avenworth is a smaller-sized WPIAL school. Avonworth is a bit larger than Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School, and the boys at CAPA. But not as big but very near to the classifications of Pittsburgh Sci-Tech, Pgh Oliver, Pgh Langley or Pgh U-Prep. Avonworth High School would not be highly rated if it played sports against all the biggest teams in the WPIAL.

Another voice: Leon posted:
Like Ed above I moved in July of last year. I have a 12 & 17 yr. old. We did extensive research on schools and looked at Upper St. Clair, Mt Lebanon and Hampton. We came from Indianapolis area and chose Hampton (20 minutes north of downtown) due the schools.

What sealed the deal was the visit to Hampton. Smaller but very tight knit, excellent academics, decent sports & music. The teachers and admin staff were very open and welcoming. Based on the kid's progress this year it was a good decision.
See how "decent sports and music matter to people.

Then Lu from Monroeville posted about having 5 neighborhood pools that are volunteer run, and kids only have to swim a length to be on a team (ours gives 6 weeks of daily lessons for 45$). Most neighborhoods are attached at some point to a park; ours has a dog park and a walking trail in the woods. Lately people have been down there playing cricket. So it's an interesting place!

Right on! Swimming and international sports. See the trend yet?

Pittsburgh Public Schools has some way better than 'decent' music and sports opportunities -- but its hit or miss. And, at times, things in those realms can suck.

People are moving to the area, but not to the city so much, based upon some clearly seen opportunities to play well with others and all that sports brings to their lives. Pittsburgh needs some type of sports reform in these matters.

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