Thursday, May 05, 2011

Sports is out of whack | Professional | -- Your State. Your News.

Two decades later, sports is out of whack | Professional | -- Your State. Your News.: "Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson moving as much earth as he could to try and keep the city's National Basketball Association team in team in town despite the fact that the unemployment level had hit 12 percent in his region. At the same time he was rounding up $10 million in marketing partnership for the owners of the NBA Kings, the Maloof brothers, Johnson was cutting workers at the city's police and fire departments and school administrators were trying to figure out whether they can keep sports going in Sacramento public schools."
If professional sports teams in North America had RELIGATION, then that problem in Sacramento would not happen. We need to insist that cities that want to have big league teams PLAY into those leagues by insisting that the worst of the major league teams drop down to a minor level to make room for the new arrivals. Moving a team is NOT an option. Then all are held hostage. But, building a team, from the bottom or from minors is a great option. Furthermore, those that squander a slot in the top league need to know performance matters, or else.

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