Monday, May 02, 2011

Wednesday May 4th: Day Against DRM just two days away

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Date: Mon, 02 May 2011 18:13:15
Subject: [DBD] Wednesday May 4th: Day Against DRM just two days away

2011 has been a bad year for DRM. Sony is using legal actions to
harass and intimidate individuals who are modifying their own PS3
systems. And libraries are being replaced by companies like Amazon and
Apple seeking to control access to books and monitor who reads what
where. We need to send a clear message: No DRM!

So, clear your schedule for a worldwide day of action against DRM. On
Wednesday, May 4th, we will be taking action to raise the stakes and
increase awareness about the threats of Digital Restrictions
Management -- in a very significant way!

Please set some time aside in your day on Wednesday to join us for
this once-a-year opportunity! We hope you'll work with us against DRM
year-round, but coordinating online and physical events on one day
amplifies all of our voices.

* Read the blog post for some ways you can get involved.


* Check out our 2011 Day Against DRM banners for your website or blog.


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