Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Erik's TV interview about Sports Reform in Pittsburgh Public Schools

This is part 2 of the interview that should run on TV soon. Erik Rauterkus, 16, (proud dad moment injected here), sophomore, gives a sit-down interview with activist and show host, Kenneth Miller, about sports reform pending before the board of directors of Pittsburgh Public Schools. The conversation is pressing as the matter goes to the Education Committee, a sub-group of the board, tonight. The decision is pressing in light of the state budget cuts and the outward migration of many in the city.

The city schools are shrinking! Families that desire great opportunities for their children often move out of Pittsburgh, in large part, in my not so humble opinion, because of the lack of quality offerings in sports, music, after-school activities and holistic living beyond the end of the school day.

Watch this show segment and hear from me again, at the end of the clip.

The other part of the interview will be put online as time permits.

WPIAL, here we come, perhaps, sorta, we hope, one day, maybe.

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