Monday, May 30, 2011

Use of force by city police declines

A news article from the Post-Gazette reads, in part:
Use of force by city police declines'There is a percentage of people out there who will fight the police at the drop of a hat,' Officer Wright said. 'They don't care.'

Some folks are just so full of rage that they can't control themselves. They don't care if they get wild and are put back into safe distances or into positions where they can't hurt others. Sure. That's out there. Drugs can do that to a person. So too, especially, can booze. Some are fearless and think that they can leap out of tall buildings too. Some just snap or have already snapped when the police arrive.

But, a report is a report and to say that "a percentage of people" is to say very little at all. What is that percentage. How many zeros come after the decimal point? Is it one percent? Is it two percent? Is it point zero three percent?

I like the report and I like the numbers, but I don't like the quote as it tells next to nothing.

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