Monday, May 09, 2011

Schenley musicals go out on high note with spunky 'Seussical'

Now that's drama.
Schenley musicals go out on high note with spunky 'Seussical': "Because I'm writing an elegy as much as a review, let's anoint the Cat the animating spirit not just of this musical or even the Schenley musical comedy tradition but high school musicals in general, which have to use their wits in the struggle to survive in the jungle of budget cuts in competition with the bigger, more voracious beasts of sports."
Yeah, right. Sports in the city are not so voracious nor beasts.

Others can divide between music and sports -- but that is not my mission. I fight for both. I want cooperation among the productions -- from the athletic venue to the stage.

This Tuesday is a good example. One of my sons will be in a competition and the other is in a school music event. But both -- or all kids -- should have great opportunities for whatever they should desire in structured, energetic, educational endeavors.

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