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FreedomInfo.org - Special Report, May 24, 2011

First Global Conference on Transparency Research Held

A FreedomInfo.org special report covers many of the 130 research papers, on
a wide variety of transparency topics, presented during the two-day meeting
at the University of Rutgers-Newark. Highlights include:

Overview: What happened at the conference, including calls for more
attention to womens transparency needs and for more transparency of an
international climate change fund; plus reports on macro-views of the
transparency movement.


Future Research: A call for more research from the donor community.


Plus, recommendations from conference participants.


Africa: Explanations for the comparatively few FOI laws in Africa.


Theory: Papers presented on the theory and philosophy of transparency.


Influences: What affects passage and implementation of FOI laws?


Mexico: A new study on FOI implementation in Mexico.


Local e-Gov: Evaluating e-government at the municipal level.


Open Data: Evaluating the Open Data movement in Latin America.


Corruption: Is transparency working?


Trust: Does transparency build trust in government?


China: The development of transparency in China.


South Korea: New studies on transparency in South Korea.


WikiLeaks: A new chapter for transparency?


Link to all stories from the overview story here:


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