Friday, May 20, 2011

Fwd: Save Community Broadband

An awful bill in North Carolina could destroy efforts
by towns and communities to build their own high-speed Internet networks.
The bill was rammed through the state legislature, and is
now sitting on the desk of Governor Bev Perdue, who has until tomorrow to
decide whether to veto it.

If signed into law, it would have repercussions far beyond North
Carolina. The phone and cable companies are waiting to see the outcome
of this bill before they introduce
similar measures in statehouses across the country.

We must stop it now, or we could face a national campaign to kill
community broadband:

Call North Carolina Gov. Perdue and urge her to veto the Level
Playing Field/Local Government Competition Bill (H129).
The legislation is sponsored by — guess who? — Time Warner
Cable. It wants only two choices for North
Carolina, and the rest of the country: Second-rate
broadband provided by big cable, or none at all. And it is willing to pour cash
into the election coffers of local legislators to move these sorts
of bills swiftly through statehouses.
North Carolina has long been recognized as a
national leader in community broadband. Networks built by towns and cities
across the state are providing fast and cheap Internet access to local
citizens, including
those in rural and poor areas that have been ignored by Time Warner Cable.
Predictably, Time Warner Cable is up in
arms at the thought that local communities would want to create a homegrown
broadband option.
But we can't let Time Warner Cable legislate away our choices. Call
Governor Perdue and tell her to veto.

What happens in North Carolina could happen in Pennsylvania. If Time
Warner Cable and its cronies are allowed to stop the movement for
community broadband in North Carolina, they'll be emboldened to squash
similar projects in states across the country.
At its core, this fight is about our right to access information.
Don't let big corporations block it.

Please call Gov. Perdue now and urge her to stand up for all
Americans and veto this bill.

Josh Levy


Mark Rauterkus
412 298 3432 = cell

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