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Libertarian and Green Parties slam GOP

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For Immediate Release—May 19, 2011,
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Libertarian and Green Parties slam GOP
Judicial Choice
Stabile not deserving for Superior Court Judge

Wilkes-Barre, PA—Pennsylvania Libertarian Party chair Lou Jasikoff
declared the GOP's choice for Superior Court Judge as nothing short of
shameful.  Mr. Stabile led the charge to get Libertarians knocked off
the ballot in 2008 and was recently quoted as being pleased by efforts
to keep the Green and Libertarian Parties from appearing on the
statewide 2010 ballot.  "Mr. Stabile cloaks himself in the American
flag while trampling on the very cornerstone of our democracy and
should not be rewarded under any circumstance with a judgeship on
Pennsylvania's Superior Court," insisted Jasikoff.
Green Party representative Carl Romanelli stated, "The last defense of
democracy and the Constitution is the judiciary.  When it is corrupted
or co-opted, it represents the most significant threat to the
principles that once made America the grand protector of liberty.  The
shame and disgrace of Stabile should not only be rejected by victims
of his partisan decisions, but also by his peers.  The lack of
meaningful review reflects as poorly on justice in Pennsylvania as
does Stabile's blatant obstruction of our rights.  It is sad to think
that the cradle of democracy, Pennsylvania, has now become its
Romanelli, the US Senate candidate in 2006 for the Pennsylvania Green
Party, has long contended that his own removal from the ballot could
not have been accomplished without the aid of partisan judges.
Romanelli, a retired employee of the Luzerne County Courts, added,
"Stabile's comments, and record in ballot access cases, prove that
both old parties are equally corrupted at the judicial level.  The
prevailing attitude is that anything goes in keeping other voices out
of political debate and participation.  Judges remain in violation of
the Judicial Canons with such partisan behavior."
Ken Krawchuk, the Libertarian candidate for Pennsylvania Governor in
1998 and 2002, was shocked to hear Victor Stabile was running for
Superior Court Judge.  "This is the same man who led the failed
challenge to have the 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate removed
from the statewide ballot.  When someone is so ignorant of the law as
to mount a frivolous challenge, or so inconsiderate of the voters of
Pennsylvania to attempt to limit their choices on the ballot, it's
clear he lacks the knowledge, character and integrity to serve as a
judge at any level."  Krawchuk, who is the Libertarian representative
to the Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition (,
added, "If Mr. Stabile had any sense of justice at all, he'd be
working with us to reform Pennsylvania's atrocious ballot access laws,
which are among the worst in the nation, not exploiting them for
political gain."
"Pennsylvania is the only state in the nation where judges elected in
partisan elections determine which candidates may appear on the
ballot," said Oliver Hall of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for
Competitive Democracy. "Now that Pennsylvania courts have begun to
assess costs against candidates just for defending nomination
petitions that they are required by law to submit, it is more
important than ever that judges demonstrate a commitment to protecting
candidate and voter rights to participate in free and equal elections
– rather than the partisan interests of the judges' campaign
Wayne Allyn Root Vice-Presidential candidate on the 2008 Libertarian
ticket concluded, "Ballot access is a fundamental right we enjoy as
Americans.  We can no longer allow or tolerate political operatives
like Mr. Stabile to subvert that right; simply put it is Un-American.
To purposely disregard laws on the books that allow for candidate
substitution, or applaud efforts that totally ignore voter intent is
unconscionable.  Mr. Stabile is the face of everything wrong with
Pennsylvania's ballot access laws and his flawed and biased judgment
should not find its way on Pennsylvania's Superior Court."

The Libertarian Party along with the Green Party and groups like the
Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition, Free and Equal Organization and
other liberty groups in Pennsylvania intend to make ballot access a
major focus of conversation this election cycle.  Only when all
Americans can freely compete in the arena of ideas will we be able
break the back of corruption that has so permeated our political


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