Friday, July 02, 2004

Delano's take on Act 47 and Pittsburgh's Recovery Plan

PSF reply

Delano wrote, in part:

... From a political perspective, it was clear that these unions used every political card in the deck to try to block the plan....

The political cards of the union leaders were not all played. The day Joe King gives, say a $3,000 donation, to a political candidate's PAC, such as myself, then -- we'll be getting to the real ace of spades.

The union folks didn't meet with citizens. They didn't build bridges to others. They just passed a lot of hot air.

Delano wrote:

... In the end, five Democrats -- Alan Hertzberg, Bill Peduto, Gene Ricciardi, Doug Shields, and Sala Udin -- voted for the plan. Whether it ends their political careers remains to be seen....


In the end, the Act 47 vote is going to be a black eye on the people in coucil who approved it. But, ... the real end to their political career came with the past budget votes. City Council approved two annual budgets that were not legal. Key players on city council stood by for ten years (Udin, Ricciardi, Hertzberg) while the city did its tailspin. Council veterans have been on the crew of this voyage of destruction. The overall legacy, not one Act 47 vote, is going to fuel the real tide that throws the bums out of office.

Alan Hertzberg, who voted against one illegal budgets from Mayor Murphy, will see his career in council end because of WE-HAVE -- and anti democracy efforts. His political career in council could be toast due to the anger of many in the west end. Sure, Alan H. wanted to liquidate the PDF (Pgh Development Fund) and the URA. Sadly, it didn't pass and was too little, too late. Alan was on the URA board.

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