Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Udin Hints at New Mayor

The PG article that talked about the all-star baseball game going to PNC Park in a couple of years had a quote from Sala.

"The city's taken some black eyes. It's good for the world to know, especially by 2006, that our problems will be behind us," Udin said. "We'll have a new mayor in office, and we'll be able to say to the world: Pittsburgh is back."

I wonder what Sala will do to help Pittsburgh get a new Mayor? Is Sala ready to stand up and say that Tom Murphy should resign?

The present mayor has no term limit. He can run again.

I expect Tom Murphy will run again -- and the chances of him winning the election for the D's primary is within the range of possible, if not probable.

Sala should ask Tom Murphy to resign. This should be made public soon, Sala.


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