Thursday, July 22, 2004

Resign William Lieberman

The Oversight Board should not have anyone seeking the lone Pittsburgh Slots Parlor.

The Tribune Review reported, in part:

In a related matter, Roddey said oversight board Chairman Bill Lieberman should resign from the unpaid position if he succeeds in partnering with a group that wins a slots license. Lieberman has said he is seeking such a deal, but doesn't have one yet.

"If he is successful, he will have to step down from the committee," Roddey said.

"I respect (Roddey's) opinion," said Lieberman, who has said he will seek an opinion from the state Ethics Committee if he becomes part of a group with a slots license.

A number of groups are now in pursuit of a state license for gambling halls. And, the oversight board is going to control the new incomes that are due to the city. William Lieberman, a Republican who contributes to both parties, has teamed up with investors (Charles Zappala) to strike gold.

In another snip from a past press story:

"Lieberman has said he has not yet invested any money in a slots operation, and if he ultimately does, he will seek a ruling from the state ethics commission." (Post Gazette quote)

Lieberman may never invest in a slots operation, but might work hard to get an operation the slots license. The conflict is in the rub in who gets the slots operation opportunity. Lieberman does not need to invest money in the slots operation to make a sticking point.

As Leiberman forms or joins a partnership that entertains the notion of a pursuit of the lone slots license then the next breath should be about "resignation of his oversight board duties."

Ethical questions arise again.

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