Tuesday, July 27, 2004

July 4th follow-up

Since Vice President Dick Cheney was visiting Pittsburgh on the 4th of July to speak at an event in Oakland's S&S Hall. The VP was invited to our family's open house. An invite was faxed to the White House at the end of June. In mid-July a note came to me from Elizabeth Kleppe, Deputy Assistant to the VP and Director of Scheduling:

Office of the Vice President

Due to security concerns, mail delivery to the Whit eHouse has been delayed over the past several months. As a result, we did not receive your correspondence until after your event had taken place. We apologize for the delay in response, and thank you for the kind invitation.

Many of the readers of my email blasts were happy to learn of the Cheney's visit -- so as to make plans for protesting. As for the next visit, I'll be away again.

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