Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Trib's mentions on Mayor's Race

Trib Story and GOP Urban Flight

My home is NOT up for sale. I am not a DEM, yet am a front-runner in the Mayor's race.

If the Trib's EDITORIAL REVIEW Board wishes to talk with me -- I'd be very happy to do so. I've asked for years to meet with them -- but they've not taken up the offer.

I hope you don't do too many articles on who else is NOT going to run for Mayor. Roddey in that race is a non-story. Or, to get the poison out of the discussion, do the article on Paul O'Neill and Glen Meakem before August.

Four years ago the Trib's fumbles were downright shameful.

However, your lead about URBAN FLIGHT was on the mark. This is a top worry in the city, not only for GOPers but also for the general wellness. An entire group of people voted with their feet. Pittsburgh is a one-party town and Pittsburgh is half of what it was. The departures were calculated. Hence, the repairs that need to be made are such a burden to accomplish. And, without functional watchdogs, they are nearly impossible.

We need the Trib's coverage to flourish.

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