Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mayor Murphy's status

Question from a net friend:

Is there another petition to impeach Mayor Tom Murphy in the works? I sure hope so. I laud your efforts in trying to have him impeached last year.

It's sad to see my hometown of Pittsburgh suffering so. If you are doing a petition again, I'll let my mom know so that she can sign.

My reply:

I don't think so. There are new T-shirts. The old ones said, "Fire Mayor Murphy." The new one's said, "Fire Mayor Murphy and City Council."


I do think that there needs to be a real movement to get him (Tom Murphy) out of office. We have no term limit. He could run again, and win.

Mayor Murphy is in Boston now with the DNC event. Too many Dems who are in power are NOT standing up against him. Even some who are bucking to be the next mayor (Gene R, Sala U, Bill P) are silent on the distain and demands to have him leave the office -- for the common good.

There might be some "opinion polls" that I'd organize via eVote software.
But, I'm waiting until I get to 10,000 subscribers on my contact list. So, for now, I'm looking for email addresses (low volume) of contacts in and around Pittsburgh -- or -- folks like you who are elsewhere but care about the city and region.

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Rick from Mt. Washington said...

Regretfully, because the Pittsburgh population age and attitude is DECEASED, Tom Murphy looks unstoppable. Our voters and populace is asleep at the wheel/switch/voting booth. They continually go in and pull that DEMOCRAT(or is it DUMBOCRAT?)lever, without considering Republicans or any other alternative party. It's so sad and tragic. Mr. James Carmine who ran against Mr. Murphy last time only received 24% of the vote. Given the current state of affairs, I wonder if a viable Republican or other candidate could beat Tom Murphy, if he survived the Democratic Party Primary again? I think there's a good chance. Let's hope and pray so, because the damage done over the last 3 terms will take a long time to repair.