Saturday, July 17, 2004

Polling's depth at university is fails at preschools

Quinnipiac University is a tiny little college with even smaller thoughts, actions and services. Most pre-schools have higher expectations for teaching what's right from what's wrong. Quinnipiac would be completely unknown, except for its name in the northeast because of its polling volume.

The signal to noise took another beating with another poll in PA, labeling it a 3-way Bush / Kerry / Nader race.

The academics there have been called on this in the past. Thumb sucking is a hard habit to break, whatever the age. They still REFUSE to include Libertarians among the mix of those who are eligible selections in the polls. Quinnipiac has been called on this in years past, but to no avail. To leave out candidates is to think like a child.

Please, people, BLAST them this time. We can't allow the media and its slaves to keep soiling our shared space called democracy.

Call the main number and ask for the polling institute and Doug Swartz, the director of polling: (203) 582-8200,

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