Saturday, July 03, 2004

Ricciardi: No more cuts

City Council President, Gene Ricciardi, asked the oversight board to avoid further cuts. "There will be dire implications."

The ironic twist to the letter and pleading is that there were "dire implications" for the years of overspending from City Council. Too much spending went uncheck for most of the past 10 years.

Meanwhile, Jim Roddey is saying that the city could save by merging more services with outside governements. That not only includes merging operations with Allegheny County offices -- as the Act 4 report recommends -- but working with local agencies such as the Port Authority or the Airport Authority.

Hey.... Menion the new Pittsburgh Park District. That idea has merit too. It fits the mold. We need a local governmental agency that merges Citiparks, County Parks and Recreation and afterschool with Pittsburgh Public Schools. But, we need this to be more than an authority. We want true democracy (with a small "d").

John Murry wants a focus on helping business growth not on worrying about providing government jobs. Much growith can occur in recreation. The facilities are empty, robbing the kids. But, there are enterprising coaches and professionals who would be able to operate facilities and make money in the process -- making new business.

The new Pittsburgh Park District is the place for a tight structure, new culture, and hospitable to new and existing businesses.

Version 1 of a position paper
that calls for the formation of a new Pittsburgh Park District is at DSL.CLOH.Org.

Gene R: We can cut Citiparks from the city budget. We can cut some of these recreational facilities from the city's asset list. These elements can be put into stewardship with a new department. We can move permit office -- as of September 2004. We can do this soon. And, for the sake of the kids, we need to do it quickly.

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