Sunday, December 11, 2005

Barnestormin: While Pennsylvania Burns

I got a plug at another blogger's site. And, he's a journalist too. But, I really don't do all this for the stokes and plugs elsewhere. I raise my voice, in all sorts of ways, to combat all sorts of ills. We have to fix ourselves. PA is behind the times in terms of what it tolerates from the "lobby industry" that serves "special interests.
Barnestormin: While Pennsylvania Burns Pennsylvanians, where is your outrage? Have the flames of your anger been doused by the pay raise repeal?

If I told you that your pants were on fire and you saw the flames, you’d run for water. But I tell you how Pennsylvania state legislators are regularly influenced by corporate interests, and almost nobody comments. None of my three readers commented, and with the exception of blogger Mark Rauterkus, none of the local media picked up on it. Almost none of the local blogging community mentioned this problem, perhaps because local bloggers prefer to complain about the money spent on stadiums and they prefer to tout local websites, but they don’t want “hard” news. Or maybe they like having their legislators answer to special interests.

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