Wednesday, December 14, 2005

PAT dictates school schedule

PAT is slated for a holiday schedule on January 2, 2006. So, Pgh Public Schools is going to stay closed on that day. The school schedule called for school to begin on Janary 2, 2006. Now that is going to be a vaction day.

Schools will be closed from Monday, December 26, 2005 through Monday January 2, 2006. School will resume on January 3, 2006.

PAT is going to have more and more of an impact upon the school schedules. That scares me. PAT is always seeking another 'bail out.' And, a strike by transit workers would greatly impact upon the schools too.

Furthermore, one of the ways to "right size" the schools is to eliminate all buses for high school students. Students who go to high schools would not be able to get a school bus. Rather, all bus rides will be on PAT buses, when it comes to high school students.

Trouble is, many buses don't go to the high schools. Buses go downtown -- and then the kids need to take a transfer. So, the net effect will be a lot of high schoolers with dead time downtown. That spells for more trouble too.

Buses do go -- but not frequently -- to Perry and to Brashier High School.

This is also a big impact upon the moving of Schenley High School out of Oakland, central in the city, a transportation hub, etc. to East Liberty.

Of interest, they are saying that the new Schenley is going to be in "Shadyside" -- but this is not Shadyside. Reisenstein Middle School is in East Liberty, isn't it???

If PAT holidays can mean changes to the school schedule, then we better consider PAT service patterns as a viable element in the positioning of our schools about town.


KGB said...

You can't blame PAT for schools not being open on January 2.

Because New Years Day falls on a Sunday in 2006, the holiday is observed on Monday. All government offices and the vast majority of non-retail businesses will be closed that day. The same is true for Monday, December 26.

PAT is certainly guilty of any number of offenses, but this isn't one of them.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Understood. PAT is PAT -- but -- my main point is that there is important linkage now among various entities. The link between PAT and Public Schools needs critical attention to detail. It is something to watch with keen insights and coordination.

KGB said...

"Keen insight and coordination" should exclude inaccurate, sensational headlines like "PAT dictates school schedules."

The Executive Order which calls for the observance of January 2 as the federal New Years holiday was signed by Richard Nixon in 1971. Based on your logic, you could have written the headline "Richard Nixon Closes Pittsburgh Schools."

Mark Rauterkus said...

This is accurate (to the best of my knowledge): If PAT had a regular Monday schedule on Jan 2 -- Pgh Public Schools would have been open.

But, I leave blame to others to pin. I don't blame PAT.

Perhaps the goof came a year ago, or so, when the school officials set the school calendar.

But, this goof nixes a day off, May 16, 2006. That is a weird vacation day for school students as it is 'election day.' That opens another can of worms to sensationalize about.

KGB said...

Considering that schools are frequently used as polling places, it's not "weird" at all for school districts to be closed on Election Day. In fact, it's rather common.

As for the whole January 2 business; it's obviously a scheduling error on the part of the school district.

Since you're not going to change your inaccurate, inflammatory headline, I guess I'll just move on.

Hope you and yinz have a great holiday.