Thursday, December 29, 2005

"T" is for "track" -- or "T" is for "termination" -- He wants a letter. Pick "T"

I don't know if the educational character from Public Television, Big Bird, will visit Police Chief McNeilly or not. But, if he really wants a letter, I'd suggest that Bob O'Connor could sends him a "T" as that letter.
The mayoral transition: Police chief out 'All they said was they wanted to go in another direction. I asked what that meant, and they said they wanted to go in another direction. I asked that they send me a letter,' Chief McNeilly said.
As McNeilly winds down his career, he'll be able to send news articles along with his resume as he applies to other jobs. He doesn't need to get a letter.

I think it was interesting to see that he asked for a letter. I don't expect he'll get a letter of termination, but that is just my outsider's hunch.

To really toss a wrench in the Bob O'Connor transition team, McNeilly should have asked for an "email." That request could have been a show stopper, a real train wreck, a real -- off-the-track kinda communication.

Here is a golden opportunity for O'Connor's team, is it up to four now?, to deligate. Perhaps they should ask the Executive Director of the Citizens Police Review Board to ink a letter for the outgoing chief.

Others, more creative than me, might be happy to write a letter for the outgoing chief as well. Those rants in the City Paper might be a good place to find such a letter.

McNeilly will land on his feet. He is a good public servant. His work in the Pgh Police Force is done, for now. His next employer is going to be very happy to have a man of his talents and drive.

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