Friday, December 16, 2005

Feeling the Pull of Thai Massage (

Dana Scarton, freelance writer, had a column in the Pgh Press years ago. She has a nice read about Thai massage. When we went to Thailand, I got a massage. Sadly, I don't have photos. :(
Feeling the Pull of Thai Massage ( In Thai massage, the practitioner's table is replaced by a floor mat, no oils or lotions are used, and clients wear clothing suitable for exercise. The practitioner uses his hands, knees and feet to manipulate the client's body into a series of postures and stretches that resemble yoga positions. In fact, some call Thai massage 'lazy man's yoga.'
The grad students with us got a treatment of some type in China while in Chengdu. That flipped me out a bit.

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Ramin said...

One of the most-used tools of many thai-masseuses isn't mentioned here: the ellbow. you can find some tiny old woman that can do amazing work, much more powerful than many muscle-man and as skillfull and sensitive as you expect it from people who have decades of experience.

Greetings from Germany,
Ramin Assemi
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