Tuesday, December 06, 2005

City police considering move from South Side station

Just go away. We're sitting here, waiting for the mayor to change. Then we hear about the old police chief who wants to change a police station. I don't think so. This is no time for McNeilly to create a legacy for himself, the department, nor the outgoing administration. City police considering move from South Side station Pittsburgh's Police Bureau is considering alternative locations for its South Side station, Police Chief Robert W. McNeilly Jr. told City Council yesterday.

He stressed that no final decision had been made. 'We've just been looking around,' he said.

'Route 51 divides the zone,' he noted, so sites along it might be considered. He said the bureau hadn't yet narrowed its search.

His comments may begin a new chapter in the search for a policing solution for neighborhoods south of the rivers.
This is going to go over poorly. But, there has been some trouble with the station, and parking. Nothing else really matters.

The EMS station moved out of the South Side location. They moved into a site that is a pit in terms of working conditions. Let's ask EMS how their move has worked for them.

Perhaps EMS can move back into the building that they were kicked out of by the police squads expansion.

I'd have no problem with the police and EMS moving into South Vo Tech High School. That should be a public building with jobs. Might as well put the Citiparks and County Parks there too, under one roof, as well.

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Anonymous said...

The stationshould go back to the West End