Friday, December 09, 2005

Gifted Center Counter Proposal

My two children attend The Gifted Center.

My father is a retired Pittsburgh Public School teacher. At the end of his career, he was assigned to The Gifted Center.

I think it might make great sense to end all bussing to The Gifted Center. But, keep the Gifted Center open.

Children go to The Gifted Center one day each week. Today, with a 2-hour delay, none of the kids will go to The Gifted Center. But, on days where the kids go to The Gifted Center, they go to their home schools for a half period (home room). Then they get on buses to The Gifted Center. To the end of the school day, the kids go from Gifted Center back to their regular school. Then comes the end of the school day.

Some kids need to take four bus trips on days that they go to The Gifted Center. From home to regular school, to Gifted Center, back to home school, and then finally back home from the regular school.

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