Thursday, December 08, 2005

Tuesdays with M...

We went out to see City Theater's Tuesdays with Morie -- and were entertained, greatly.

Today I got to talk with three State Reps. Plus, got to speak with a boss at the Tribune-Review. I thanked him for the fine correction in today's paper.

Early today, I had my own, Tuesdays with Morie moment. The full story later, as a podcaste. In 1982 I graduated from Ohio University and organized an event for all graduating sports lettermen and women. This was held the week of graduation at the student union. The sports banquet that year was nixed and as seniors, we all got a deck of playing cards from the Athletic Department. Well, that wasn't good enough.

I was a senior, and, I had been a coach for four years as well. We scrambled and pulled together our own banquet and party. I asked three to be the keynote speakers -- and all invited speakers came. Plus, we got a good audience. Today, I revisited those tapes and listened to the event. From the archives to a podcast soon, it should be fun to release it, finally.

In Tuesdays with Morie, Mitch is a sports reporter who connects with his college professor after 16 years. This presentation is from nearly 24 years ago. The poduim was set with a women's field hockey coach with roots from Ireland, a sociologist who was a national, masters champion in orientiering, and a philosopher tennis player. Nice line-up then. Good messages to this day too. Stay tuned.

By the way, it is great to live on the South Side and walk home from the City Theater in three inches of snow. It is falling fast. I expect a two-hour delay, at least.

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