Sunday, December 18, 2005

Not getting what you want for Christmas, then ...

send your complaints here, to the North Pole.

North Poll -- photo from fall 2005. Elves were busy at work making gifts. Santa was doing the first drafts of his lists.

Meanwhile, we were on a flight from Chicago to Hong Kong.

We've been working very hard around here to bring a fun Christmas to our household. So, the blogging has taken a back seat.

Today I've got to finish our Christmas letter, 2005. And, it is sure to have a supplent with a political message as well.

Suggestions are welcomed. Leave them in the comments area.

I got to peek at some images from A.J. He went on our trip to China this year and has shared his photos. I'll blend them into the collection. A.J. is going to be going to art school next year. He and Uncle Bob visited Pittsburgh yesterday.

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