Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kansas City woos Penguins -

The Pens have not received any government support for the new arena -- but -- how much do they get from the existing arena? Is that to be ignored?

Furthermore, if the Penguins have a shot at getting a slots license -- isn't that a heap of government support? The sltos license revenue is a direct outcome of governmental action. That is government support -- directly.
Kansas City woos Penguins - But they have not received any government support for a new arena. That means the Penguins must rely on efforts to obtain a slots license or revenue generated by a license awarded to another candidate.
And, the kickback from the slots could be generated by the Penguins if the team went for the ownership of the license. The team does not need to beg to the slots license holder if the team was the slots license holder. The team can make its own application for the slots license.

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